Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Penthouse Letter Stories

Two books and a heart Bits of

The heart is a fantastic design Claire and is the first work done in 2011, the books are the other two beds during the holidays in the mountains. Both are a little known writer that I love very much, Elizabeth von Arnim. I have read almost everything about her intrigued by a delightful movie saw many years ago and this is precisely one of his book. It is "Enchanted April," the story of some friends who are granted a holiday on the Italian Riviera, leaving husbands and obligations to his native London. But of course it is not the movie I want to talk, rather than this writer who lived at the turn of two centuries earlier, it was always in defense of women's rights against the bullying and the power of men. Intelligent, aristocratic and very bright, Elizabeth has contracted three marriages, was twice countess, has had five children, he attended the English high society and the most refined cultural settings. He has written many books, often rich in autobiographical notes and in Italy believe they have all been translated. The ones I have just read "The Father" and "The Story of Christine".

"Father" is very ironic and funny, tells the story of the ugly daughter of a mature and old and despotic writer who takes advantage remarriage of the father groped for an escape and a new life in the countryside, "The Story of Christine" takes its cue a private affair of the author and tells of a young British violinist who goes to study in Berlin just before the outbreak of World War I and suddenly finds itself alone in enemy territory. In fact, the writer lost his sixteen year old daughter sent to perfect his musical studies in Germany and when the book came out in 1917 was a tremendous success attracting the charge of fomenting anti-German propaganda.
Both books are written very well, although involving the reader in a very different way, Jennifer, the heroine of the first, is delicious and determined, Christine is a figure very sweet, fragile and defenseless, a girl.


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